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Think BMW's and the first thing that comes to mind are cars that offer a mix of driving dynamics and enticing designs. More so with the 3 Series, a car that has been the choice of the younger lot of luxury car buyers, particularly the ones going for their first proper luxury car. The 3 Series has always been looked upon as a youthful car that focuses more on being a driver’s car rather than boasting about its backseat comfort or luxury. That said, the current generation 3 was hailed for moving the game up by offering better backseat comfort and luxury, while still remaining as much of a driver’s car. The 3 Series has always been more of a statement for buyers in this segment with its dynamic appeal and sporty feel. If you enjoy driving, the M Sport Package is what you should look at, as it includes a lot of subtle styling tweaks over the regular car that bring it closer to the M cars in terms of feel inside, while looking smashing.
The 3 Series has been the choice of buyers wanting a fun to drive luxury sedan, and the refreshed 3 Series carries the tradition forward while offering much better comfort and luxury in the same sporty package. But​ with all that to offer, constant maintenance and checks are required to keep the beast running. But​ don’t worry! Parts Avatar is here at your service. We provide the largest assortment from the best of brands of quality and genuine BMW car parts. Whether it be BMW performance parts, BMW replacement parts, BMW car parts, or BMW lightening solutions, Parts Avatar offers best solution for your car’s needs and best prices in the market, shipped almost everywhere in Canada. Lightning fast deliveries, high quality genuine products, and 24/7 customer care service makes us the most loved place for your auto parts needs. Visit us and experience the ease of shopping auto care parts like never before.


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